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Parking sensors supplied and fitted at great prices

Rely on 1st Choice Windscreens & Towbars to expertly fit front parking sensors for your vehicle. Call our team in Milton Keynes now to book an appointment.


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Perfect your parking with front parking sensors

How often have you hesitated or changed your mind about parking in a particular spot due to visibility issues? With parking sensors, you get extra assistance in the form of an audible warning to help you ‘see’ potential hazards before bumping them with your car. This safety feature is common on almost all new cars but if your car is older or doesn’t have them, trust our team to take care of the supply and fitting for you.


We only use parking sensor equipment from reputable brands and will ensure everything is fitted perfectly for you, with any wires hidden away. If you’d like your parking sensors to be colour matched to your vehicle, we can arrange to have this done too. Contact 1st Choice Windscreens & Towbars to arrange an appointment at our workshop. Alternatively, we can provide a mobile service across Milton Keynes.

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Why fit parking sensors to your car?

cars in a car park

Safety - If you often have to park at night or in tight spaces, parking sensors help you detect hazards you may not necessarily be able to see.

Protects your car - Being able to park with less risk of bumps and scrapes means your car is less likely to end up needing cosmetic repairs from parking mishaps.

Increase your confidence - Many people, especially new drivers, find parking challenging but with sensors you have extra technology to help you out.

Desirable feature - If you plan to sell your car in the future parking sensors are an attractive feature for potential buyers.

Keep your existing vehicle - If you love your car or can’t afford a more modern option, the good news is most makes and models of vehicle can be fitted with parking sensors.

An excellent reputation in Milton Keynes

Having been quoted £215 by a nationally advertised brand, rang this Milton Keynes based company. From the onset, I received prompt, professional customer service advice over the phone suggesting vehicle inspection. A few hours later, our foreign registered Range Rover Velar's chipped windscreen was inspected and expertly repaired for £45 pounds plus VAT. Great team - great service - thanks guys.


Cars in a car park



Call 1st Choice Windscreens & Towbars to get your parking sensors supplied and fitted by an expert team.

Windscreens 01908 631742

Towbars 01908 366699

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